Welcome to Titcoin!

Titcoin is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency for the adult industry and for the amateur pornography community.

The project was started in January 2014, which makes Titcoin one of the first altcoins that were created after Bitcoin and one of the oldest cryptocurrencies that are still active today!

Titcoin does not aim to be a serious general purpose currency, but rather exists for the fun of it. ;) Possible use cases for Titcoin include:


The largest part of the Titcoin community is active on Reddit, in the ShowMyTitCoin subreddit. It’s a subreddit where girls can upload selfmade nudes and receive titcoins in return! It’s a lot of fun for everyone. ;)

Titcoin has supporters all over the internet! You can join us via one of the below sites, and request some free titcoins as a welcome gift :)


In order to use Titcoin, you need to download and install the Titcoin wallet on your PC. This software synchronizes and connects with other Titcoin users on the internet so that you can send and receive titcoins!

The Titcoin wallet is free of viruses and 100% open source. You can look at the source code on Github.

Technical stuff

Here is some technical info for those who are interested in it:

Block explorers:

Mining pools:



Is this a joke?

No. Titcoin is a real cryptocurrency that actually exists!

Is Titcoin a scam?

No. Titcoin exists since 2014 and is entirely operated by volunteers. We never ask you for money, but you are free to trade coins with other users.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not yet! Feel free to create one :)

How does Titcoin work?

You can do many fun things with Titcoin, but if you are looking for an example use case we would recommend you to look at our subreddit ShowMyTitCoin and the associated subreddit wiki.

For more details about Titcoin usage, see the Wallet usage article in that wiki!

Getting in contact

If you want to get in contact with the Titcoin community, please join our Titcoin chat on Reddit!

If you want to get in contact with the developer of Titcoin, please PM /u/bitcoinx2 on Reddit or Gandalf86 on Bitcointalk.